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About Us

Alaro is an information and solutions technology company that consults and offers the best decisions in the marketing field, software development and support, data processing, and analysis. We focus our attention on delivering consistent, great quality work by working closely with all our customers to meet their project objectives and requirements. We help them accelerate growth and innovation. To achieve this we’ve built a strong team of the brightest, most inquiring minds in the industry, and we form close, collaborative relationships with our clients so we can really understand their needs and deliver intuitive solutions that exceed their expectations.

Our advantages
High quality
We are the leading company by delivering quality and value to our clients. Our support team is always ready to answer your questions.
All our professionals have lots of years of experience in the IT field. They use their knowledge to make our client's life better.
Individual Approach
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.
We architect, implement and manage solutions that help you achieve your most ambitious IT goals. Our business solutions are designed to help you better align your marketing strategy.

Maximizing opportunity begins with advisors who understand the markets, customers, and game-changing models shaping business today as well as the transformations yet to come.
In order to maintain the high standards of support you expect from Alaro, we ensure that all of our support staff are thoroughly trained, both in the technical aspects and in customer relations.

Software Development
All that changed, for the better, with the advent of the agile development team. This team structure uses people with multiple skills, working in multi-functional collaborative teams, with a flat organizational structure. Each development team focuses on one or more specific software products.
Developers code based on the product specifications and requirements agreed upon in the previous stages. Following company procedures and guidelines, front-end developers build interfaces and back-ends while database administrators create relevant data in the database. The programmers also test and review each other's code. In any organization that develops software, it is important to research what tools do software developers use. Our developers always find the best tools solutions.

Marketing & Consulting
Alaro helps you to achieve sustainable growth by putting your customers at the center of your company's strategy.
We bring a powerful combination of analytics, creativity, and business understanding to your organization’s marketing efforts. Our approach helps you build internal processes that are flexible, so you can test for results and adapt continuously and quickly. We can help you evolve on these capabilities: thought-leadership content marketing, customer analytics and segmentation, dynamic customer experience, unified digital platforms and modules, experimental testing and results-driven innovation, active management. One that leverages a deep understanding of customers cultivates experimentation, personalizes experiences, and both learns and moves fast.

Game Providers
Loyal collaboration opportunities have helped Alaro to build long-term partnerships and sustain the brand itself. We collaborate solely with the most reliable operators in the world, providing comprehensive iGaming solutions. Thanks to the modular, API-based design, the module allows for easy integration of any third-party product or service available on the market. At Alaro we believe in technology that’s built for the right purpose, right from the start. By trusting our product to a highly experienced team, our module has been built for stability, scalability, and flexibility from the outset. With its intuitive capabilities and built-in automation, the Alaro module allows for drastic improvements in operational efficiency with significant reductions in operational costs.

Data processing & Analyses
Achieving your business outcomes and continued growth demands a strategic roadmap and smarter insights. The solutions you implement today will help pave the way for success tomorrow. Alaro gives you and your project team complete control over your infrastructure. Our service allows you to visualize your own datasets. This makes it easy to identify connections between data. Our advisors will be happy to offer the expertise that they have built up over years of professional practice. To optimally benefit from the significantly improved performance of modern Alaro's systems, in-depth knowledge of the underlying hardware and programming models is required. Alaro has experience with a large number of computer architectures. It is not easy to choose the right frameworks or tools for big data analytics. Choosing the right approach from the start is key. Alaro can assist you to make the right decisions right from the start of your project.

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